Virtual Learning

Two Rivers Patrons,

We wanted to remind you that Monday, September 7th, is a national holiday and there will be no school. Friday, September 11th, is a District-Wide Virtual Day. Teachers will be available through email, but there will be no onsite classes. Students will take home their Chromebooks on Thursday, September 10th, and use them to log into Google Classroom. To avoid being counted absent on Friday, September 11th, students must log into their Chromebooks and complete their assigned classwork on Google Classroom.

Students will need to bring their Chromebooks home with them on Thursday, September 10th, to ensure they have access to their classes. If you can, we encourage you to practice logging into Google Classroom with your student before Friday, September 11th. The video linked at the bottom of this letter is a great resource for parents to better understand Google Classroom. We highly recommend you watch this video and familiarize yourself with this aspect of virtual learning. Again, teachers will be available on Friday to answer questions through email, however, if you have questions before that time, we invite you to ask them in advance by calling your student’s front office: (833)-272-8773 or emailing your student’s teacher.

Grab-And-Go meals will be provided on Virtual Days. In order to partake in these meals you will need to let Mrs. Becky know by Wednesday, September 9th, at noon by calling (833)-272-8773 extension 1201. Meals for Friday, September 11th, must be picked up on Thursday, September 10th between 10:00 and 10:30 am. As September 7th is a Holiday, no school meals will be served that day.

Please be mindful that there are five other district-wide virtual days scheduled for the 2020-2021 school year: November 23rd, November 24th, January 18th, February 12th, and February 15th. These days are scheduled and will be handled in the same manner as the first virtual day scheduled for September 11th. These scheduled virtual days will help ensure that in the event of prolonged school closings, Two Rivers is readily prepared for blended learning. We greatly appreciate your participation in these school-wide virtual days and look forward to the inclusive access blended learning provides every student.

Thank You,

The Two Rivers Administration