Please email your requests to support@trgators.org

Components of an email to support:

Subject Line: A quick summary of the problem. Subject lines such as “HELP” or “See Me” are not helpful. A really long subject line gets cut off and is also not helpful. Subject lines in ALL CAPS are very hard to read and are not helpful either.

Email Body: Gives us the problem in more detail. Please include as much detail as possible. Is it happening only for you or for others too? What equipment is giving you the trouble? If it’s in a different location than we’d expect to find you, where is it? Were there any error messages? What did the error say? Screenshots of the error can be attached to the ticket and are usually very helpful.

Once you submit a ticket, you will receive an automated response. This confirms for you that the ticket has been logged and forwarded to us. We will get to you as soon as we can. Please reply to the automated response with any updates you have to the problem. Do NOT send a new email for the same problem as that will generate a new ticket and cause unnecessary paperwork on our end to clean it up.

Thanks for your cooperation.