Information Update


We will begin our middle of the year periodic assessments for students in Kindergarten-8th grade during the week  of January 11-15, 2021. Our school will be using the NWEA Map Growth assessment again. We will be testing in  Reading and Math.  

MAP Growth measures what students know and what they don’t know, regardless of their grade level. This helps  teachers adjust their instruction for each student. It also measures growth over time, allowing you to track your  student’s progress throughout the school year and across multiple years. K-2 assessments are required by the  state of Arkansas to be completed. Our district has opted to administer the assessment for 3-8 students, as well.  

Every student attending an Arkansas public school shall participate in the statewide program of educational  assessments required in Ark. Code Ann. §§ 6-15-419, 6-15-433, 6-15-2009 and established by the State  Board. 

In order to best meet the needs of our students and parents, we strongly encourage ALL students, including on  site learners AND virtual/hybrid learners, to complete the assessments in person, AT school, in order for the assessment to be administered by a trained, certified teacher, and to insure the technology requirements are met  for the best chance for success. 


David Minnie, K-4 Principal 

Josh Harrison, 5-8 Principal