Dear Parents and Community Members, 

With the rise in COVID-19 in our state, several school districts have moved to virtual learning.  AT THIS TIME, Two Rivers School District does NOT plan to move to virtual instruction.  

While the numbers in our state and in our surrounding communities are on the rise, our district numbers remain at a manageable level.  However, that can change quickly.  While we do not currently have a mask mandate in place, the use of masks is strongly recommended for students and staff.

A decision to move to remote learning will only be made IF absences among our teachers and staff compromise our ability to safely supervise and educate our children.  We are closely tracking the situation as each building has a different set of staffing needs.  It may be possible that a move to remote learning could affect one building, but not both.  In any case, we will provide as much notice as possible to our school and community.

Our goal is to keep our school open and students learning in person, as long as we can safely do so.  We have proven our commitment to this goal with the actions that have been taken thus far.  Our commitment to keeping our schools open comes from the fact that students learn better in their school environment.

We appreciate your patience as we work to make the best decisions for our students and staff.

- Dr. Harry Alvis