Student Handbook

Two Rivers Student Handbook Forms 2022-2023

Welcome back, Gators! The student handbook forms, many required by the Arkansas
Department of Education, are required forms for every student for providing necessary safety
and services for your child. All students received the mandatory forms at school this week.
Please complete and return the mandatory forms mentioned above to your child’s building
office or homeroom teacher as soon as possible.
To request optional student handbook forms, please call the school at
1-833-272-8773. Let us know if you want to pick them up in the elementary or
high school office or we can send them with your child.
These forms include:
School Lunch Substitution Form
Objection to Publication of Directory Information Form
Medication Administration Consent Form
Medication Self-Administration Consent Form
Epinephrine Emergency Administration Consent Form
Glucagon and/or Insulin Administration Consent Form
Objection to Physical Examinations or Screenings
Request for Reconsideration of Instructional or Supplemental Materials Form
Request for Reconsideration of Library/Media Center Materials
Objection to Honor Roll K-12 Form
Objection to Participation in Surveys, Analysis, or Evaluations
Photo and Video Release Opt Out Form
Please visit to see the complete online version of The Two Rivers
School District Student Handbook.