Mini Cheer

Calling all Future Mini Gator Cheerleaders!!

The Senior and Junior High Two Rivers Gators cheerleading squads are welcoming you to
come cheer with us! 

We will be hosting a mini cheer camp on November 29-30 and Monday
Dec. 5th . Camp fees will be $40 per mini cheerleader. Payment is due no later than Monday,
November 28, 2022. This camp is open to all Pre-K (4 years old) through 6th grade Two Rivers
Students. Camp will be from 3:30-4:30 each day. Coach McKendree, Coach Albright, and the
cheerleaders will be picking up students so please send a note to their teachers that they will
need to be in the car rider line on those days.

During camp the children will get to work with the cheerleaders; learning a chant, dance, and
jump. Each child will receive a tee shirt and bow to wear the night of the performance, which
will be held on December 6, 2022 The cheerleaders will perform during Halftime of the Junior
High boys game that night. Tip-off is at 4:30. The girls will need to be there at 5:30.

**Please remember that cheerleading can be a dangerous sport. Injury may occur and by signing below you
acknowledge that Two Rivers is not responsible for any injuries. Also, by signing below, you acknowledge Two Rivers
District has all rights to any pictures that may be taken.